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why is my life always so complicated!

i am soo confused..

i will tell about my night last night.

so i pocked him up from his house.
then we went to the church to a ppotluck deally.
then me him Shelby and her boyfriend went to its a grind and hung out for a bit.
then me and him went back to my house and wayched a movie.
then i took him home at like 1:00.
and he gave me a super long beautiful hug.

oh man.
im such a girl.
every time he like brushed against my hand my heart fluttered.
im so scared that im gunna put myself out there and get hurt.
i dont know if he feels the same way.
this is soo confusing.

I GO TO DCLA TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
yay me!
people are amazing.
job hunting yes.
its a bleh day.... i hate bleh days... nothings wrong really but i just feel restless and sad... does that make sence? i feel like its not worth going on anymore... like im not worth anything... gosh that sounds so dumb but ya...
so i like this song... so im posting it so yall can read it if ya wanna...

JeffersonAeroPlaneCollapse )
Ok im updating this.. I updated the other yesterday... But for those of you who dont have the other deal... I finally got my car but hes a meenie face... he likes to break on me. Its not very fun... But hes working ok now!! tues. was Kristyn's Bday and i forgot!! Im a looser!! But i already had her gift i just was waiting for her birthday! But i have it in my car now and im gunna take it to her at school!! oh man i forgot her book... mabey ill go home and get it... i dont know.. i dont wanna wait gas.. I really cant afford it right now.. I need a job real bad.. Yesterday was fun!! Me Arial Lauren and Lauren went to starbucks then decided to go to pizza hut instead and get pizza!! twas yummy!! yaya!! I feel kinna sad.. im not sure y.. But thats been happening a lot lately.. so umm.. I feel so tired... So ya its fourth period right now and once again im not in the class im not saposed to be.. haahaa.. But as always im exused!! Im so kool!! But yall already knew that!! well uh.. i think i have nothing left to say... so bye..

♥ Cait

-- Mrs. Cait Thiessen

hello.. man i dont really post in here often... i always post with the other. i was just letting yall know that im still alive. Juat in case yall were wondering!! haahaa!! I have plenty of time to write so i thought what the hay why not!!?? lol!! wow im a dufas face!! .... Man i feel like im finally strating to grow up but its all happening way to fast... wow that was random and way off my mood... haahaa!! Sour Skittles!! yay me!! well i need to go!! well actually no i dont i still have a whhile to wait i just dont know what else to write in here! woh im soo lonely... but ima gunna go!!

♥ Cait


<33 Mrs. Cait Thiessen
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